Different Types of Custom-Made Blinds for Windows

When we talk about custom-made blinds, it means, blinds that are not meant to be made only for window covering but also offer abundant features like durability, and customization in colors, fabrics, materials, and style. Because they are made to order, they fit perfectly to the windows and increase functionality and style.

Custom blinds come in many types, and each type presents a class of great manufacturing, material, and style. Besides this, if we see, there is a great difference that they set apart from ready-made blinds. So, choosing custom-made blinds has never been a regrettable decision for customers who want longevity and functionality for their window covering. Along with this, it also becomes important to maintain the blinds in the long run.

Custom-made blinds include various collection types of blinds according to their material, function, and style. They can be categorized as mentioned below.

Types OF Custom-Made Blinds

Material Categories of Custom-Made Blinds


Wood Blinds

Made of wood, custom-made blinds are durable and offer a natural look. In other words, we can say that wood blinds are a timeless window treatment that brings warmth and natural beauty to your living space. These blinds are manufactured from high-quality wood that offers style and functionality for many years. 

Along with their quality manufacturing, they protect your interior space from direct sunlight and keep your privacy in the room. 

The slats of wood do not carry much weight, they provide long-lasting performance and come in many width types. Having customization features, they can be accommodated according to the size and shape of the window. Additionally, they also have a layer of insulation to windows to help maintain the interior temperature of the room, in other words, we can say they reduce the energy cost.

Fabrics Blinds

Fabric blinds offer quality material and stylish window covering for your home. They are crafted from different types of fabrics or textures like cotton or linen, which makes them different from others, and the fabric that is used to manufacture the blinds is washable or wipeable.

So, coming from various textures of fabrics, they are very easy to customize. Different types of fabric provide various features and come in a wide range of colors, designs, and modern styles. 

They are soft, very convenient to use, provide a soft feel, and allow you to maintain sunlight and privacy simultaneously. 

They also have a great feature that contributes to energy efficiency by insulating windows and regulating interior temperature. 

Faux Wood Blinds

These blinds are also a form of wood blinds and are even more durable and cost-effective than wood blinds. This is because to make these blinds, the use of wood and synthetic material is done to look like real wood. Thus, they are made from sturdy material and result in proper finishing to every slat. 

Additionally, the greatest feature of these blinds is their longevity, and durability, because, made from PVC material, they are resistant to water, moisture, and sunlight. And the next great thing is the affordable price range that attracts homeowners to use them for their windows.

Another great fact about them is that the maintenance cost of these blinds is very low and in regular life, they can be wiped out and cleaned easily. No matter, if you even clean them with water, as the material, from which they are made, is sturdy and resistant to water and moisture.

Apart from this, they complete the purpose of, for that, these blinds have been made, that is to maintain privacy and protection from sunlight. These blinds protect even against harmful UV rays which are very dangerous for our skin. In other words, they protect our delicate skin.

They are environmentally friendly and are very easy to recycle. They also come with advanced technology, and homeowners can use them with the help of a remote or cordlessly. 

Aluminium Blinds

Aluminium blinds are made from a material called aluminium, which is durable, and hard-wearing in any type of place, and weather. Aluminium blinds also come in many styles, colors, and designs. Of course, these can be one of the major choices for blinds. 

Another benefit of aluminium blinds is their ability to restrain any weather condition. They will be unaffected in any situation, whether hot or cold. Due to this ability, it is very easy to clean them, they can be wiped out or washed. 

Apart from this, these blinds are very valuable for managing sunlight control and privacy at the same time. Additionally, they are very environmentally friendly, because they can be recycled easily.

Operation Mechanism Kind Of Custom-Made Blinds



Cordless blinds are a kind of window operation that comes without a cord or chain. In other words, cordless blinds are operated without a cord or allow a cordless mechanism system for a window treatment. The homeowner can raise or lower the blind without holding any cord. These types of blinds offer child and pet safety and can be adjusted at a particular height without being bothered.

Manual Or Cord-Operated

Manual or cord-operated blinds are a classic type of blinds. In these blinds, a cord or chain is used to operate the blind. This is a manual operation mechanism in which the user needs to lift or pull with the help of a cord or chain. The biggest advantage of these blinds is to get them at an affordable price. 


As the name defines, this type is operated with the help of a battery or motor. These blinds can be considered modern because they include a motor inside them and are operated with the help of a remote, phone, or smart home integration. It means the process of lifting or pulling down can be managed through your smartphone or by installing a smart home integration.

Style Group Of Custom-Made Blinds


Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a single piece of fabric or material that is installed on the top of the window frame and can be placed either inside or outside of the window frame. The user can operate these blinds by pulling down or lifting them with the help of a cord, cordless, remote, or integrating them with a home smart system. These blinds are convenient and easy to use. They protect you from direct sunlight and also allow you to manage your privacy at the same time.

Roman Blinds

Undoubtedly, Roman blinds might seem traditional and are made from fabric that folds into pleats when lifted. They are manufactured with the help of mounting slats connected to cords into the backside of a fabric panel. They are durable, have a great ability to maintain privacy, and manage sunlight. Generally, they are made from sheer fabric like polyester or nylon, and it is very easy to clean them.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are another form in the style category, made from very compact material to control light and privacy very precisely. These blinds are a combination of horizontal slats that work to regulate the airflow along with their covering feature. They have a long historical background from Persia to other European countries during different centuries. They are now available in various materials like PVC, wood, or metal. They are easy to maintain and budget-friendly.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a type of window treatment in which vertical slats are used to control the sunlight and maintain privacy. Vertical blinds are manufactured from different kinds of materials and present a stunning look to your interior space. Vertical blinds are versatile and can suit any room from the living to the bedroom and dining room to the guest room. The user can control the light according to his needs.

types of custom-made blinds

What to Look Out for When You Buying Custom-Made Blinds

In the window blinds category, custom-made blinds have become one of the leading choices for homeowners. This is because of their durability, long-run ability, customization feature, and versatile look, they are on the top of the selection list. Apart from their great features, there are several things that every user needs to consider when shopping for custom-made blinds.


While shopping for custom-made window blinds, the first thing that is very important to consider is accurate measurement. The proper height and width measurement is the key point before purchasing window blinds. We know proper fitting is a great feature of custom-made blinds and if it is missed, custom-made blinds will be equal to ready-made blinds.

Customization Options

Choose customization options properly, and look for the best color, design, and material options that suit your different interior spaces. Selecting the best customization option can make a big difference to your interior look.

Quality Of Fabric And Material

Another point that should be considered is the quality of the fabric or material from which they are made. Selecting the best quality material according to your space and need can ensure longevity and durability with time.

Proper Installation and Easy Maintenance 

Proper installation and easy maintenance are important factors when choosing these blinds. Choose blinds that are easy to install and they can be maintained affordably. By choosing the right blinds, it can be accessible to clean, manage, and maintain them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long do Custom-Made Blinds Last?

Undoubtedly, custom-made blinds are durable, reliable, and made from sturdy and selected materials which means they will stay for last long. Despite this, these blinds are crafted to keep in mind that they last longer than any other readymade blinds.

Do Custom Blinds Add Value to Home?

Yes, they add value to any home because they offer more customization features that include various color options, designs, materials, and perfect measurements which make them a valuable choice for homeowners.

Why do Custom-Made Blinds Cost So Much?

Custom-made blinds due to their customization features, involve great craftsmanship, fine-quality fabrics, accessible controlling options, colors, and design options, and perfect installation service, making them so expensive.

Are Custom-Made Blinds Worth to Invest in Them?

Investing in custom-made blinds is worth it for them, not only because of their great feature like adding beauty to your home but also come with great functions like energy efficiency, accessible control over light, and privacy.


Custom-made window blinds offer a greater range of features to homeowners than ready-made blinds. Whether you want multiple color options, designs, fabrics, functionality, style, and energy efficiency, custom blinds provide the perfect combination of all these, and function in every way. Additionally, it is also very crucial to analyze every aspect before buying custom-made blinds. By considering every aspect, custom-made blinds can be proven a good deal.

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