Maintenance Tips for Custom-Made Blinds

Custom-made blinds are becoming more popular due to their durability, and variety of options in colors, designs, and materials. These blinds are a far better choice for homeowners than readymade blinds in the market because they also provide a tailored solution to the windows covering and improve the aesthetics and functionality of interior space. However, along with all this, it becomes more important to retain the beauty and functionality of these customized blinds over time. So, it is necessary to get some caring tips to maintain the look and functionality of blinds so that the working and vision of these blinds can be seen for years to come. Here are some tips brought to your notice to improve the overall life of your custom blinds.

Top Maintenance Tips for Custom-Made Blinds

Clean and Tidy Regularly 

Dusting: Generally, dust and dirt can gather on the blinds, affecting their look and functionality. So to keep them in proper function good looking it is important to clean them regularly. It should be a fundamental duty to clean the blinds using different methods according to the material that can help you properly care for them. 

Different types of blind materials and fabrics need specific care and one can also clean them by vacuuming, with a damp cloth, using a microfiber cloth, or brush attachment. Undoubtedly, dust can accumulate on all types of blinds and you can start cleaning them by dusting them properly with any microfiber cloth. 

Spot And Stain Cleaning: Sometimes along with dust and dirt, blinds can carry some stubborn stains and spots, particularly in the areas of kitchen and bathrooms. So, it becomes essential to keep them spot-free regularly until they become hard to remove. 

To clean the stubborn stains from the blinds, you can use detergent water. With a piece of cloth, gently rub the stain with a detergent-drenched soft cloth. 

After removing the stains, use clean water to wipe them properly and let them dry. Do not use detergent water on bamboo or wood blinds. They can be spoiled with water.

Maintenance For Particular Material

Removing dust from the blind slats by vacuuming is another type to make them dust-free. 

Aluminum and faux wood blinds:  Slats of aluminum and faux wood can be cleaned with the help of soapy water and then washed lightly with fresh water. Avoid harsh chemicals and hard rubbing to make scratches on them. After cleaning them with water wipe them gently with a soft clean cloth.

Wood and bamboo blinds: They require different types of cleaning, you can clean them by removing dust first, and polishing them can enhance their beauty too. You can also improve their look by applying wood conditioners. Excessive humidity and moisture can damage the quality of wood and bamboo.

Fabrics Blinds: Fabrics blinds can be cleaned by dusting regularly and with this, they remain clean forever. There can be several ways to remove dust from the blinds. Either you can use a soft cloth and take the help of a vacuum cleaner so that the dust can be removed properly. 

If the blinds carry some stains and dirt on them, you can simply wash them or try a dry cleaning as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Protective Caring

Protect Against Sun: Despite all the above-mentioned maintenance tips, you also need to take care of your blinds from direct sun heat. You can use a curtain by placing it between the window and the blinds. This will provide shade and prevent blinds from being discolored. 

Regular Checking Mechanism: Check the mechanism of the blind regularly, and find out if the pulling and raising function working properly. Use the lubricant if possible. Blinds come in many types, so understanding their way of functioning is also as important as using them.

Checking For Damage: Regular checking for any type of breakage, and tear is also necessary. If you find any blind broken or any slat defective, try to replace it. If you are using motorized, corded, or cordless blinds, it becomes important to check them regularly.


Maintenance of custom blinds

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best natural cleaner for blinds?

It depends upon the type of blinds you have. If you have metal or plastic blinds, you can clean them with warm water by adding some dishwasher or white vinegar. Get a piece of cloth or sponge dip it in a mixed solution and gently rub with it. After rubbing, wipe them with a clean soft piece of cloth or let them dry. 

Do blinds fade in the sun?

Yes, blinds might fade in the sun if they face direct sunlight, otherwise, they remain good in looking. Facing direct sunlight might fade their color and turn them into a yellowish color if they are white. You can protect your blinds by using some sunlight-protective methods. 

Do Blinds make a room hotter?

Blinds are best to protect your room from sunlight and maintain privacy from outside. In some cases, when there is direct sunlight and the color of the blinds is darker, it might have some chances to get the room hotter, but light colors like white and off-white help to maintain cooling in the room.


Blinds are best to protect your room from heat and to maintain privacy. So taking care of your blinds should be your priority so that they can serve you for a long time. Remember to clean regularly, inspect for damage, and repair when needed can maximize the lifespan of your window blinds. Following the tips given above can help you to use your blinds to operate smoothly and work for years to come.

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